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Fulbright Programs for Koreans

The Fulbright Program in Korea seeks to build mutual understanding and to share knowledge across communities while enhancing the lives of grantees. As part of a renowned international exchange program, Fulbright grantees join a global network striving to promote a more peaceful world. In the process, grantees enrich educations, advance careers, and make meaningful contributions to the communities, and the world, in which they live.

Fulbright Korea offers awards across approximately seven different categories for Korean scholars, students, and professionals. Grants are awarded based on the principles of open competition and individual merit, irrespective of an applicant’s institutional affiliation, geographic location, or demographic background. Fulbright Korea seeks to create a welcoming environment for grantees of all backgrounds, identities, and orientations.

Each year, approximately 100 Korean Fulbright grantees to the U.S. take part in educational and cultural exchange through lecturing, teaching, research, advanced study, and seminars. They become part of a global network of nearly 400,000 Fulbright exchange participants and alumni.

Graduate Student Program

Application: 2020. 6. 15 ~ 7. 2

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Visiting Scholar Program

Application: 2020. 9. 8 ~ 9. 16

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KIEA Program

Application: 2020. 10. 13 ~ 10. 16

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Humphrey Program for Journalists

Application: 2020. 9. 21 ~ 10.5

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American Studies Program

Application: 2020. 8. 31 ~ 9. 4

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FLTA Program

Application: 2020. 8. 24 ~ 8. 28

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Program FAQ

Updated: Summer 2020

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