Fulbright Graduate Study Awards


KAEC is currently updating program information for the 2021-2022 grant year. Please check back later.


Graduate Study Awards are offered to mature and academically superior students whose future career objectives in Korea would be enhanced by pursuing either degree or non-degree study of the USA at an American university. Awards for degree study are for students seeking enrollment in a Master's or Ph.D. program with the intention of obtaining an advanced degree from an American university. Awards for non-degree study are for students seeking to pursue advanced studies in the U.S. to supplement studies being undertaken in a Ph.D. program in a Korean university. Persons who hold a graduate degree or are enrolled in a program where they would normally receive one by the beginning of the grant period cannot apply for a grant to pursue the same level of graduate degree, regardless of whether there is a subject area change.

Whether applying for Ph.D., M.A. or non-degree study, applicants for graduate study awards must meet all qualifications for admission to graduate study at an American university. Although the basic qualifications required by KAEC are the same for all categories, applicants may apply in only one category depending on their prior educational background, degree objective and future career plans.

While maintaining its overall emphasis on "excellence," KAEC will give strong preference to those applicants whose proposed study in any appropriate discipline is most clearly related to the study of United States.

For PY2020-2021, 30 awards for Humanities/Arts/Social Sciences fields and 5 awards for the Science and Engineering fields are available.

Degree Study

Applicants for degree study must indicate whether they are seeking admission to a Master's or a Ph.D. program.

Initially an award for degree study is made for one year, but the award may be renewed for one additional year subject to the availability of funding and evidence of satisfactory academic progress. As a renewal award is intended solely to facilitate progress toward an approved degree program, grantees approved for a Master's program or a Ph.D. program are eligible for one renewal. Any additional support provided under the terms of a renewal award will be adjusted to reflect the financial assistance available to the grantee from other sources. Ph.D. grantees are encouraged to immediately begin seeking alternate financial support sources from 3rd year.

The new award was made for North Korean Defectors in 2017. This award provides an opportunity to acquire a degree for North Korean Defectors who is academically competitive. The purpose of this award is to educate North Korean defectors to be qualified as an expert in each discipline in the future.

Non-Degree Study

Applicants for non-degree study must be doctoral candidates enrolled in good standing at an approved Korean university. They also must demonstrate a firm intention to complete their doctoral program in Korea. The purpose of proposed non-degree study at an American university should be solely to supplement their study in Korea, or preferably, to conduct doctoral dissertation research for which primary sources are unavailable or inadequate in Korea.

This award is for ten months only. Unlike an award for degree study, an award for non-degree study will not be extended or renewed under any circumstances. Once an applicant accepts an award for non-degree study, transfer to a degree program IS NOT allowed.

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