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  • Carol Rush: Studying Public Policy in the US - 미국 행정학 대학원 설명회

    미국의 행정대학원의 입학 및 학생담당자로부터 미국에서의 정책학 대학원과정을 이수하는데 필요한 정보를 제공하는 설명회입니다. 미국 정책대학원 내의 다양한 프로그램들, 입학과 장학금 신청, 행정대학원 학생들의 연구 및 취업 상태, 미국 대학에서의 학습 및 생활에 대한 정보를 얻을 수 있습니다.

    2016.11.30 05:51:01

  • Mary Sasso: Employment Benefits for the F-1 International Student

    This session will be a great chance to learn more about F-1 employment opportunities and immigration regulations. The presenter will cover the subject of working on campus, and working off campus. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and will be provided print material covering the subject matter.

    Presenter: Mary Sasso, Director – International Center

    Mrs. Sasso overseas all aspects of international student promotion and recruitment, the application process, credential review, admissions standards and eligibility, orientation and retention programs, academic advising and immigration services, pathway program development, assessment, financial and strategic enrollment decisions.

    Formerly employed by SUNY Fredonia as the International Education Center Director and PDSO/RO, and responsible for institutional partnership agreements, pathway program development, exchange programs, study abroad program development, student faculty lead study abroad programs, international student recruitment and immigration services, financial and strategic enrollment decisions.

    2016.11.25 06:45:54

  • Everett Community College Hot Tips

    2016.03.09 06:28:16

  • Skagit Valley College - Experiences of a Korean Student

    2016.03.09 05:37:07