IEA Awards


The International Education Administrator (IEA) Program was founded to provide American international educators with a more in-depth experience with and knowledge of Korean education. Each year 8 American international educators are selected for a two-week intensive academic exploration of Korea, preceded by attendance at NAFSA where they meet their Korean IEA counterparts.


The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), which is located in Washington, D.C., currently handles applications from American international education administrators who are interested in the program. CIES publishes an awards brochure each year which provides relevant details on the Fulbright awards available in Korea and other countries. Anyone interested in applying for the IEA program should contact CIES for further information and application forms.

KAEC does not accept applications from Americans directly. Full applications are available from IIE ( and CIES (, depending on award category.

한미교육위원단 장학생 현황


장학프로그램 운영기간(년)

총 6,502명

총 장학생 수


한국인 장학생 수


미국인 장학생 수

Fulbright Forum

The Fulbright Forums serve as periodic gatherings for the Fulbright family at large, including past and present grantees and friends of the Korean-American Educational Commission. During these forums, Senior Scholars or Junior Researchers are able to present on their research and/or experiences in Korea. A light reception typically follows the presentation.


Korean-American Education Commission

Fulbright Korea Infusion

Since the publication of its first volume in 2008, the Fulbright Korea Infusion has presented the literary, artistic and academic talents of Fulbright grantees and scholars. While Infusion is a showcase for the Fulbright Korea family, it also serves as the Korean-American Educational Commission’s annual forum for grantee news, journalism, research, literature, artwork, poetry, photography and video. The magazine aims to capture the diversity of the Fulbright Korea experience by publishing work from Fulbright Korea senior scholars, junior researchers, English teaching assistants and program alumni.