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Our major categories of services include:

Web-based Promotional and Recruitment Services
Translation and Localization Services
Korean Education Sector Market Research
Informational Sessions
Specialized Advising
Staff Profiles
Other Services Upon Request
Summary of Services and Prices
Web-based Promotional and Recruitment Services

Full Website: $1200 per year + translation costs for first year / $695 + translation and design change cost 2nd year and on.


What are my options?

Profile: $295 per year + translation costs

Web Traffic Reports

Our “Full Website” service includes access to full Google Analytics web traffic reports.

How do I get started?

Please email webservices@fulbright.or.kr to address any inquiries or to sign up for web services.

Driving Traffic to Your Site or Profile:  Other Promotional Services

Once you establish a localized web presence through Fulbright’s U.S. Education Center, you’ll want to drive as much traffic to your pages as possible, with a focus on prospective students, their parents, their teachers or relatives. We offer several levels of promotional activity, including the following:

  • Banners on our own web sites.
  • Standard or custom-size banners, with accompanying html code, for placement on sites hosted by your alumni, or other organizations in Korea, that will help drive traffic to your new pages hosted by Fulbright Korea’s U.S. Education Center. Charges for this service will depend on the nature and extent of the advertising campaign you choose to launch in the Korean market.
  • A six or twelve month web-advertising campaign using Google adwords, Overture or other web channels.  For this service we charge the actual cost of ad placements, plus ten percent, with a $300 minimum charge.
  • Print, transit or outdoor advertising.  Cost is negotiable.

Mobile Options: Formatting your site for Mobile, SMS Messaging

For an additional fee, we will format your site for maximum impact on iPhones, Android phones or and similar mobile devices. We also have the capability to use SMS messaging to help promote traffice to your site or profile. Inquire about costs for these services at webservices@fulbright.or.kr

Why Customize Brochures?

Based on our experience, if a school customizes its promotional materials for the Korean market, it shines in the eyes of students and parents. At study fairs, for example, we have seen, time and again, students and parents browsing numerous schools, all of which may be of interest but none of which are distinguishable. When they pass a school with Korean materials, however, their eyes sweep across the table and instantly track back to their native language.
Customized brochures let students and parents read about a high stakes decision in their native language. They are more comfortable with Korean materials. This is of particular importance to parents, who are less likely to read English and more likely to make the decisions. For many schools, this is exactly the edge that is needed to capture the attention of their audience and let them see the true benefits of their school.


Translation and Localization Services



Our staff has years of experience and knowledge with Korean students looking to study abroad. We know the market. Taking an English brochure of your choice, we offer consultation on both content and design.?We can help you choose what needs to be emphasized, what needs to go, and what will work best in the Korean market.
Charged according to staff time at $30 per hour. Submit your brochure and requests for a free price quote.


Provide your own English-to-Korean translation or hire us. Our translation practices involve multiple stages and reviews, using a team of both native Korean and native English speakers, many of whom have formally studied in both Korea and the United States . Our prices, currently $0.35 per word for English to Korean translation) are based on cost-recovery figures.

Redesign and Printing:

We have worked with the same printing and design company for years to fulfill our publication needs. They are trustworthy, reliable, punctual, and best of all, considerably cheaper in most cases than anything you will find in the United States . Have your materials produced here and have them waiting for you at a study fair. Or, take advantage of our snail mail services to send out a mailing to your agency, school, and prospective school contacts here.


Korean Education Sector Market Research


We follow developments in South Korea’s education sector through the press, research institutes and official government channels. Some of this information is regularly published to our blog at http://blog.educationusa.or.kr On specific request, we occasionally do research reports on behalf of U.S. schools and organizations, consistent with the mission of Fulbright and the EducationUSA network of advising centers. Prices are currently negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Informational Sessions


We regularly host informational sessions at the Fulbright Building on behalf of schools, colleges and universities, or consortia. As of 2010, these sessions can take the form of a personal presentation here by a representative of your institution, or a video-conference. In either case, the following apply.

  • Rental of Fulbright’s sixth floor conference room, which accommodates up to 65 people.
  • Use of our web and other promotional resources as appropriate to publicize the session.
  • An online registration form for the informational session.
  • Ideally, we between two and three months advance notice to publicize your event.
  • We can provide you with a cost quote on request.

What is specialized advising?


Imagine having a representative from your school permanently in Korea . The representative would be here year-round to meet with prospective students, answer their questions, advise them on a course of action, or conduct preliminary interviews.

Through our advising center, some schools have this presence. Train our staff through telephone conferences and regular updates on your school, and we will conduct specialized advising appointments for your prospective students in Korea . Separate from our walk-in advising, these appointments will only be for prospective students who have a serious interest your school, and have signed up for an appointment beforehand via our web services or telephone.


Staff Profiles


James F. Larson, Deputy Director

He holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Stanford University, and has extensive experience in research, teaching, and executive training. His books include The Telecommunications Revolution in Korea. For further details, see www.jamesflarson.com
Yu, Munkyeong, Senior Education Advisor

She holds an M.A. from the University of Minnesota and worked in educational advising for 9 years. She has participated in the State Department’s U.S. Based Training Program for overseas educational advisers.

Lee, Keun Yong, IT Specialist

He has held the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certifications since 1999 and supports both web activities and IT infrastructure maintenance. His responsibilities include U.S. Education Center web services as well as Fulbright’s iBT TOEFL testing activity.

Lee, Hyun Sook

She has worked in Fulbright’s U.S. Education Center as an adviseor for six years. She translates English information into Korean for USEC web services, and has participated in a State Department sponsored technology workshop held in Bangkok.


Other Services Upon Request


Why will we consider other services?

As part of our mission statement, one of our primary goals is to help U.S. schools and prospective students in Korea connect.
For more information and a free price quote, please contact us at webservices@fulbright.or.kr.


Summary of Services and Prices


Below is a summary of our services for U.S. schools. Click on the associated links on the left to find out more about any of our particular services.

Summary of Services and Prices
Updated: Jan. 1, 2010

Service Price
General Consultation FREE
Translation (English to Korean) $0.35/word
Web Services:  
----------------------- Basic $295 per year
----------------------- Premium $1200 per year for first year / $695 for 2nd year and on.
----------------------- Larger Site Hosting varies
Banner Advertising $500 per year / $700 per 2 years
Korean-Language Newsletter and announcements $200 per one announcement
Other Promotional Services   (Google Adwords, Web Advertising in Korea , Newspaper, etc.) Actual cost of advertising, plus staff time and overhead.
Event Services:  
* Fulbright Building Venue Rental  
----------------------- full business day $1000
----------------------- half day $500
----------------------- 3 hours $400
----------------------- 2 hours $300
----------------------- 1-1.5 hours $200
Arrange Study Abroad Agency meeting $200
Brochure and Print Materials varies; free quotes offered
Specialized Advising $30 per hour (staff time)
Other Services Upon Request varies; please inquire

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